All vehicles used by Challenge Logistics are equipped with the latest state of the art fleet management system that provides a complete tracking (in real time data), security and communications service that can:

Visually track our drivers to the extent of where they are in any street
Improve customer service levels and queries
Improve productivity levels and co-ordinate despatch times / runs
Receive real time data
Plot our clients locations for improved delivery times
Improve route management and response times
Replay the days work rate via a "Snail trail" feature
Produce Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at a touch of a button
Communicate via a two way data head
Control the entire fleet at the touch of a button

We are dedicated to constantly improve our operational methods in order to ensure our clients have the most cost effective and technology advanced transportation means. Our aim is to remove as many outside influences and or variables possible to enhance service levels.
Please refer to conditions of carriage before booking.